Furniture Construction

Furniture construction is a critical part of the furniture process. The raw materials and construction processes used mean the difference between lasting 1 year or 10.

Everyone on the Lancer team takes pride in their workmanship and quality of the furniture. Our frames are inner-locked and glued with corner blocks shot in and feature build-in legs where the design is appropriate. Every piece constructed has a drop in coil unit with a lifetime warranty. Most of our full-length sofas have a center leg for additional support while our seats use high-density foam cushioning. All trims are hardwood.

Employees make the difference

Our workers are some of the most experienced in the industry with most of them having been with the company over 15 years. Detailed inspections by experienced inspectors are done on every piece of furniture that leaves the production line. We take as much time as it takes to make sure each piece lives up to our standards and yours.

Employees make the difference

Frame and Springs

Lean back and relax! Our frames are built for long lasting durability. These frames are precision engineered and strong enough that we feel confident offering a Lifetime Warranty. Our cross grained laminated hardwoods are a renewable resource and are made as efficiently as possible by our suppliers. This process substantially reduces the number of trees needed to make our products while offering top of the line quality. The seat and back springs we use meet and exceed the industry standards. You will receive proper comfort seating now and for years to come.

Frame and Springs

Foam and Filling

The cushioning used in our products is patented superior rate high-density foam. With 3 different levels of foam you can choose exactly how much support you want your seat to have. We cut our foam to exact millimeter specifications and every batch received by our foam department is tested for quality.

Foam and Fillings

If you have any furniture construction questions feel free to ask through the Contact Us feature!