What our customers say about us!

  • Patty F.
    My Lancer sofa and chair the the most comfortable furniture I have ever owned!
  • Kendall P.
    We love our lancer furniture! It is incredibly comfortable and of the highest quality. We have two little ones and are very impressed with the durability of the fabric as well - it’s already been put to the test and I’m confident we will have these pieces for a long time. And it’s made in the USA. Highly recommend!!
  • Linda D.
    Lancer exceeded our expectations in quality made furniture - all the way down to the positioning of the patterns so that they match EXACTLY in distance from the edges and centered. Lancer has master the art of perfection!
  • Tillie L
    I love my Lancer sofa and chair. Excellent quality. Would never own anything else.
  • Martha H.
    I love Lancer! We have three pieces in our gathering room and would like to incorporate more throughput our home.
  • Patrice P.
    The best furniture! We have a couch and chair with ottoman in our family room that has gotten used on a regular basis for the past 15 years. It shows no wear on the material and cushions are only recently not as firm as they were. We need living room furniture and we will definitely be looking to buy Lancer.