What our customers say about us!

  • Jessica B.
    We Love our Lancer furniture. It’s been through 4 teenagers who grew up and gave us 10 grand children and one of them is sitting here beside me on the same old wonderful sofa.
  • Candy B.
    We live in Pennsylvania and just purchased our first Lancer furniture -- a couch and loveseat -- through a local furniture company. We are very impressed with the craftsmanship. It's beautiful, comfortable and it is QUALITY. We love our new furniture!!
  • Patrice P.
    The best furniture! We have a couch and chair with ottoman in our family room that has gotten used on a regular basis for the past 15 years. It shows no wear on the material and cushions are only recently not as firm as they were. We need living room furniture and we will definitely be looking to buy Lancer.
  • Tillie L
    I love my Lancer sofa and chair. Excellent quality. Would never own anything else.
  • Tammy C.
    I have owned my Lancer furniture (couch, chair and ottoman) for 16 years and is still in good condition.
  • Martha H.
    I love Lancer! We have three pieces in our gathering room and would like to incorporate more throughput our home.