What our customers say about us!

  • Kendall P.
    We love our lancer furniture! It is incredibly comfortable and of the highest quality. We have two little ones and are very impressed with the durability of the fabric as well - it’s already been put to the test and I’m confident we will have these pieces for a long time. And it’s made in the USA. Highly recommend!!
  • Candy B.
    We live in Pennsylvania and just purchased our first Lancer furniture -- a couch and loveseat -- through a local furniture company. We are very impressed with the craftsmanship. It's beautiful, comfortable and it is QUALITY. We love our new furniture!!
  • Judy B.
    I have several pieces of Lancer. All is well made and beautiful fabrics...Highly recommend this company!
  • Tillie L
    I love my Lancer sofa and chair. Excellent quality. Would never own anything else.
  • Patty F.
    My Lancer sofa and chair the the most comfortable furniture I have ever owned!
  • Diane C.
    My new recliner is Lancer.. I had pillows made of the same material for my new sofa. Love the quality of Lancer!