Frequently Asked Questions

What is the General Warranty?
This warranty does not cover damage as a result of misuse, improper cleaning or chemical treatment, excessive exposure to direct sunlight or from rental, commercial, or institutional use. For service Inform your retailer promptly of any repair you feel is covered under the warranty. Your retailer will contact Lancer Inc. for service if there is a warrantied manufacturing defect. Some defects may be repaired in your home but if the repair cannot be completed in your home, arrangements should be made with your retailer to transport the effected pieces to the retail location for our pick-up. These warranties are not transferable and apply only to furniture used for normal residential purposes.
Do you have a Lifetime Warranty?
Lancer Frames are built for lasting durability. Lancer warranties our frames to be free of defects for the useful life of the original fabric to the original owner. Lancer's seat and back springs meet or exceed the industry standards so you will receive comfortable seating for years to come. Both the seat springs and back springs are warrantied to be free of defects for the useful life of the original fabric to the original owner under normal use.
What is the Five-Year Limited Warranty?
The cushioning used in our Lancer product is patented superior rated high-density foam. Our 2.0 density high resiliency, also known as HR, foam cores are environmentally friendly. Our foam is fabricated by our sister company ComfortTech Inc. and contains no fire retardants. Its ability to retain the majority of its original shape and comfort is better than most foam cushioning available today. We warranty the foam cushion cores for five years in its original fabric to the original owner. Please note that the slight softening and flattening of cushioning (both foam and fiber) is the result of normal use and aging should not be confused with cushion failure. The cushion materials will conform to the shape of the user over time, such conformation should not be considered a manufacturing defect.
What is the Three Year limited Warranty?
Lancer is proud to offer 96% of our styles as sleepers. We strive to purchase the latest technology and most durable heavy duty sleeper mechanisms available featuring TV headrest and premium innerspring mattresses. We install an easy to operate, maintenance free system. We warranty the mechanism to be free from operational defects, failure, or breakage under normal use for three years in its original fabric to the original owner. See below for mattress warranty.
What is the One Year limited Warranty?

Seldom do fabric producers warranty their fabrics; however since Lancer endeavors to offer our customers, a quality product we warranty our upholstery fabrics and slip cover fabrics for one year against wear , seam opening , fraying, and dye transfer under normal care and use. After-market stain repellants come in a wide variety of brand names and are composed of several different types of chemicals. We do not know the chemical compositions of the various stain repellants, but most are composed of a type of oil base that weakens the fibers of the fabric and disintegrates the latex-acrylic backing. It is essential that these treatments not be applied to upholstery fabric, as the only way we can stand behind our fabric selections is for us to limit the chemistry and processes applied to them. Any chemical treatment applied in the home or by a third party voids the warranty agreement that we, Lancer Inc., provide for the fabric. Cleaning of fabrics with inappropriate cleaners and/or in a harsh manner also voids the fabric warranty. Fabrics which peel/peeling, fade, or shrink or are subject to animal use are not warrantied. Don't let your pets use your furniture as this causes premature soiling and animal hair gets into your fabric. This hair, dust, and gritty particles can become embedded in your fabric and cause wear and cutting of your thread. Please vacuum or brush away loose dirt regularly and reverse you cushions in order to enjoy the maximum benefit of your beautiful new furniture.

We warranty the premium innerspring mattresses, air mattress bladders, and air mattress pumps found in our sleepers for one year. The heavy duty swivel bases we use on swivel rockers are covered for one year to the original owner.

Is Labor and Transportation Included Under the Warranty?

Should a material defect occur within the first year of ownership to the original owner, Lancer Inc. will absorb all labor and transportation cost from the original point of purchase. We reserve the right to make any warranted repairs at our factory. If a product is more than one year past its consumer purchase date, as reflected by your retail purchase receipt, any repair, even one under warranty, will be subject to incurring the prevailing transportation and labor costs. These charges are the responsibility of the consumer. "Original point of purchase" is defined as the retail store and location where the purchase was made.

What are some Care Tips?
  • Flip and/or rotate any loose cushions and backs frequently to minimize cover creep this will add to the life of your cushions and minimize damage done by soiling.
  • Sunlight can quickly cause fabrics to fade. Limit the amount of direct sun on any piece of upholstered fabric.
  • Vacuuming the surface and under cushions regularly will extend the life of your fabric cover.
  • All spills should be cleaned promptly by blotting with a clean cloth. Should the stain remain please refer to the specific fabric's cleaning code for that fabric and follow the directions. This cleaning code can be found on the fabric swatches from your original purchase or from your retailer.
  • Never remove cushion or back covers for separate dry cleaning or washing (except for slip covers). Do not "refresh" them using any type of tumble cleaning or drying process as this may destroy the backing of the fabric, damage the weave, and cause fabric shrinkage.
What are the Cleaning Codes?

S - Use a mild, water-free, dry cleaning product
W - Use a water-based cleaning product such as mild detergent or non-solvent fabric shampoo.
SW - Use a dry cleaning product, a water-based mild detergent or a foam type fabric cleaning product.

Can I buy Direct?
Lancer Furniture is sold only through furniture retailers. Your local retailer will assist you with fabric and frame selection and provide you with service after the sale. Please use our contact page for any questions as to the location of your nearest retailer.
Can I get a product Catalog or Swatches?
No, but most of our product is displayed in the Gallery Section of our web site where you can print out and download the style images and the specifications. Your local retailer can show you our extensive line of fabrics and help you make your final decisions based on their knowledge of the fabric attributes.
Can I buy additional fabric?
Please contact your local retailer and place your order through them. Due to varying availability and shading issues we cannot guarantee the immediate availability or exact color matching of requests made a substantial time after the initial furniture purchase.
Do you have Products Warnings?
Keep lighted or smoldering materials away from your furniture. Do not smoke when drowsy. While our furniture is fire resistant, smoldering materials or flames left unattended can cause fabric and urethane foam to burn. Remove any glowing embers or lighted materials from contact immediately.